Rabbis urge removal of Shas MK who attended nephew’s gay wedding

‘We’re going in order to make him happy, because he’s my sister’s son,’ Yigal Guetta told his kids; letter slams MK’s ‘public desecration of Heaven’

Shas MK Yigal Guetta (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)
Shas MK Yigal Guetta (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

A group of ultra-Orthodox rabbis is calling for the summary dismissal of a Haredi lawmaker who boasted he had attended his nephew’s gay wedding.

Railing against the MK’s “public desecration of Heaven,” the rabbis demanded that the leaders of the Shas party “remove and fire” MK Yigal Guetta “immediately.”

The letter followed Guetta’s Army Radio interview on Monday in which he took pride in his handling of the delicate question of a family member’s gay marriage.

“Two years ago, my sister called me and said, ‘Yigal, I want to make you happy, my son is getting married in two months,'” Guetta recalled.

“She told me he [the son] wanted to speak with me, and he told me on the phone, ‘Uncle Yigal, I want to ask you to consecrate me at the huppa.'”

Guetta did not yet understand the nature of the request. “I told him, ‘Listen, I don’t understand these things, but there are people who [officiate at weddings] as a profession, and I promise to find you someone who will do it in the best possible way.’

“Then he said to me, ‘Yes, but I want to tell you something else: I’m gay and I’m marrying a man.’

“I told him, ‘You know what? Now I understand this even less.'”

The news didn’t dissuade him, however. “The whole family went [to the wedding], my wife and I and the kids, who I don’t usually tell which events they should go to. But for this, I said that showing up is mandatory. We all went so we could make him very happy.”

He made sure to explain to his children that homosexual relationships are forbidden by the Torah, he said.

“I told my kids before we went, ‘You should know that we’re going in order to make him happy, because he’s my sister’s son, and she’s my sister and I want to embrace her. But the Torah says this [relationship] is forbidden and an abomination.” Then he added, apologetically, “‘What can you do? My judgment is irrelevant here.'”

The rabbis who drafted the letter against Guetta — Ben Zion Mutzafi, Moshe Tzedaka, Aharon Yirhi, Moshe Ohanona and Avner Marciano — seemed unimpressed by his warning.

“So-and-so,” they wrote mockingly, “told his entire family that they were required to attend the ‘wedding’ of his nephew, which is a terrible prohibition, among the most severe of the most severe in the Torah.”

They called on “anyone who hears this, this call and cry to all the leaders [of Shas], not to endorse this terrible desecration of God’s blessed name, and to remove and fire [Guetta] immediately from his public position to a position that has no public role, and to advertise the fact of his firing.”

Sources close to Guetta told Channel 2 that the rabbis were given an incomplete recording of his words in order to hurt him, and that he was in any case subject to Shas’s Council of Torah Sages and would do whatever they instructed.

A serving MK cannot legally be removed by his party, but can lose his place on the party’s Knesset list in future elections.

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