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Supporting young people’s mental health – with Sophie Riegel

A special episode marking Mental Health Awareness Month with the author of “Don’t Tell Me to Relax!”

Sophie Riegel (from
Sophie Riegel (from

The first time Sophie Riegel had a panic attack, it felt like the walls were closing in on her. After reaching out for help and discovering her middle school and pediatrician were ill-equipped to talk about mental health, Sophie knew she had to find her own path. In high school, Sophie published “Don’t Tell Me to Relax!,” a powerful memoir about her journey with OCD and general anxiety disorder. Now a junior at Duke University, Sophie is the author of two books and a mental health advocate.

Join us for a special episode marking Mental Health Awareness Month, as Sophie and Jay openly discuss her personal mental health story, how we can better support young people, and how we can continue to break the stigma. Listen here:

If you want to learn more about mental health and find possible resources, please visit this Ruderman Family Foundation page.

You can find more information on Sophie’s published books here.

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