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Vlogger Nas Daily returns home, and everyone wants a piece of him

Galilee-raised entrepreneur has spent nearly three years traveling abroad, seeking out what motivates people and brings them together

Jessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.

The Jerusalem Syndrome!

This is one of the most fascinating things I learned about Jerusalem.And I don't think any other city has this.Jerusalem is so holy, spiritiual, and overwhelming that when some people visit for the first time (mostly Protestant Christiain) they get delusional, overly religious, and think they are the Messiah! It gets so bad that they have to be admitted to the hospital. There are hundreds of such documented is not classified as a mental disorder, however. That's the extreme side of it. But what is true to many millons of people is that when they visit Jerusalem, they get a ton more spiritual. I call it the much much milder version of Jerusalem Syndrome. It happened to me, it happened to my friends, it happened to many people when they first visited this city.This is why Jerusalem is one of my favorite cities in the world. INSTAGRAM: @NasDaily .GROUP: Nas Daily GlobalThanks Adnan for helping out!

Posted by Nas Daily on Sunday, November 4, 2018

Video blogger Nas Daily, also known as Nuseir Yassin, who has 10.1 million Facebook followers and a reputation for seeking out truth and displaying slices of life worldwide, is back in Israel.

“I’m back home in Israel,” said Yassin, sitting on the train from the airport, in his first video posted from Israel.

It’s not his first time. The Harvard graduate was last here in March 2017, about midway through his world travels. Now he’s on day 938, and says he’s close to the end of his global journey.

For now, though, hundreds of people showed up at his November 1 meetup at the Abraham Hostel in Tel Aviv, hoping to pitch him video ideas, meet him and talk to this 26-year-old who’s made a business out of his one-minute daily videos.

He’s continued making those vlogs, which earn him a substantial amount of comment, reaction and adulation, now wearing a T-shirt that says “35%,” for the amount of his life already spent.

Yassin, who was brought up in Arraba in the Lower Galilee, is also letting people stay for free in his two apartments, in the Palestinian city of Rawabi and Tel Aviv, hoping his “Airbfree” concept will bring people together and encourage them to do the same with their own homes.

my "worst" investment.

It's been called a "bad investment". But a few months in, I am convicned, more than ever, that it is not. Here is why! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. It's still a work in progress (maintenace wise, etc), but the way other people opened their homes to host people for free as a result of this….is really amazing!If you want to host people at your home, wherever home is, please type below in the comment section and put your email. I'm sure people will reach out to you!! INSTAGRAM: @NasDailyGROUP: Nas Daily Global

Posted by Nas Daily on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

One of the most recent videos, about Israeli ambulance service United Hatzalah, garnered more than 7.1 million views since it was posted.

Yassin focused on the creation of Eli Beer, an American Israeli who came up with the concept of using motor scooters called ambucycles to access emergency situations more quickly, and creating a technology that locates volunteers situated most closely to the person in distress.

How He Built…The Fastest Ambulance!

This is one of the most impressive things I've seen in a while. It's worth your time and your friends' time. The people at United Hatzalah of Israel are doing incredible work. All for free. All to save lives. Here is how they did it. Thank you Eli Beer and the team of volunteers for reaching out to Nas Daily and letting me film your operations. All around impressive.INSTAGRAM: @NasDailyGROUP: Nas Daily Global

Posted by Nas Daily on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Another of Nas’s more popular Israel videos focused on Tel Aviv, Israel’s “World’s Vegan City,” with hundreds of vegan restaurants and vegan-only residents.

From there, he took a look at a Tel Aviv University professor who fixed bad breath, examined Jerusalem syndrome, a mental condition that can afflict visitors to the holy city, and reflected on his offer of free residence in his Rawabi apartment.

The first video on this visit home took a look at an ad campaign featuring Israeli model Bar Refaeli, who is featured in a massive advertisement on the side of a Tel Aviv building dressed in a hijab, with the words, “Is Iran Here?”

Without mentioning the name of Hoodies, the clothing company that created the questionable campaign, Nas skewered the concept of using traditional religious clothing, an entire country, and women for selling a concept.

Since he posted his video, Refaeli removed the ad from her own Instagram page.

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