A multi-vehicle accident temporarily blocked westbound traffic overnight Monday on Route 1, the main artery between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The pile-up involved seven private vehicles and two buses, but only minor injuries were reported

The accident occurred around 1 a.m. near the Shoresh Interchange, and resulting in one vehicle actually being thrown on top of another car.

Two buses, Egged lines 450 and 402, were also involved in the accident, as were five other private vehicles.

Police said they were opening an investigation into the circumstances of the crash.

Unusually for an accident of this size, no one was badly injured, paramedics said.

Six people were reported to have sustained minor injuries, including two infants.

A Maged David Adom paramedic told Ynet that when they arrived at the scene, they saw the accident was “very serious” and it was “miraculous” that there were no serious injuries.

The two babies, he said, were hospitalized with light injuries.