‘Rabbi’ Zach Braff endorses YU
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‘Rabbi’ Zach Braff endorses YU

'Scrubs' star uploads Purim video, says institute is the place to combine world class academics and top rate Judaic studies

Everyone’s favorite Jewish TV medical expert Zach Braff has apparently decided to pursue a new career as a Torah scholar, embracing Yeshiva University as his go-to academic institute in order to achieve Talmudic excellence.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday, Braff proclaims that aside from being a doctor and a lawyer, he is also an ordained rabbi (a disclaimer text flashing across the video assures us that in actuality, Braff is neither a doctor nor a lawyer, or a rabbi for that matter).

“When looking for a university that combines world class academics, and top rate Judaic studies, there was only one choice for me,” Braff says, a slight smirk running across his face.

“Yeshiva University.”

The video then shows a black screen with the text “Happy Purim!” at its center, suggesting Braff’s statements were mere japes and nothing more.

Braff ends the short skit by announcing that he is also, in fact, a Maccabeat.

Though it is not clear whether Braff produced the clip at the behest of the acclaimed academic establishment, the #nowwherebuthere hashtag shown after the “Scrubs” star’s recitation is frequently used by followers of Yeshiva University on Twitter.

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