Druze town offers help, opens homes to Meron evacuees

Radi Najm, mayor of the Druze town of Beit Jan near Mount Meron, said his town had opened its facilities and many families had opened their homes to evacuees and rescuers from the disaster.

The help from nearby Arab and Druze villages and towns to the masses of Jewish evacuees after the tragedy has been a consistent thread in the media reporting on the disaster.

“Beit Jan residents and the local council join in the grief of the entire nation,” Najm says in a statement.

“They open their homes and the council’s facilities to offer any help possible. I have ordered the [town’s] emergency services to provide any help necessary to the rescue crews. The residents are ready to receive evacuees and families from the disaster area.”

Similar help has come from nearby Tamra, Peki’in and other Arab towns.

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