Head of Shin Bet’s southern district resigns over Oct. 7 failures – report

The head of the Shin Bet’s southern district has resigned from his role, making him the first member of the security agency to quit over the failures surrounding the October 7 Hamas terror onslaught, Channel 12 reports.

In a speech during his send-off from the organization, the security official said that he felt “a personal and moral obligation to ask for forgiveness from all those whose loved ones were murdered, whose children fell in battle, who were taken hostage and returned to Israel and those who are still held in captivity by the enemy, and all those who became displaced in their country,” the report says.

“Your forgiveness will not dull the failure but it will help to repair it,” the report cites him as saying. “It will never glue the fragments of the shattered heart back together, but it can strengthen the light that remains in the heart, in order to defeat the darkness.

Replacing him as head of the southern district is a senior official from the Shin Bet’s West Bank division, Channel 12 says.

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