Israel reportedly asks mediators to warn Hamas against firing at Jerusalem Day march

Israel is sending messages to the Hamas terror group via Egypt and Qatar in hopes of keeping tensions from boiling over during a nationalist march through the Old City on Sunday, Channel 13 reports.

Israel argues that the route of the march, through the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, is the same as it has been for years and should not be taken as a casus belli, the channel reports.

It also warns that if Hamas shoots rockets or allows other groups to do so, Israel will be ready to hit back at Gaza.

According to Channel 13, the army believes the event can pass peacefully so long as there are no bouts of serious violence and everyone keeps their cool.

The channel also reports that police have decided to limit the number of participants okayed to traverse the Old City to the Western Wall to 16,000 people. Half the group will march through the Old City via the Damascus Gate, while the other half will go through Jaffa Gate, likely only skirting the Muslim Quarter.

Last year, Hamas fired rockets at Jerusalem during the march, sparking an 11-day war between Israel and Gaza-based fighters.

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