Miri Regev sued by Facebook user, not protected by immunity

Culture Minister Miri Regev recently took issue with a play starring Norman Issa called “Boomerang.”

A ruling by the Haifa District Court today drives home the point that what goes around, comes around.

Regev filed a libel lawsuit several months ago against an Israeli who called her a “whore with a filthy mouth” on Facebook. Regev was acting based on recent libel legislation which allows citizens to sue for up to NIS 330,000 (almost $90,000) in damages without needing to prove that the libel in question actually affected the complainant.

A screen grab of a Miri Regev mashup video created by Noy Alooshe. (screen capture: YouTube/Noy Alooshe)
A screen grab of a Miri Regev mashup video created by Noy Alooshe. (screen capture: YouTube/Noy Alooshe)

The man decided to counter-sue, and Regev said that her parliamentary immunity protects her. Today, the Haifa District Court rejected her claims and said she cannot be protected by her immunity in this case.

“When an MK decides of her own volition to take legal action, it will be incorrect to limit the defendant’s recourse to the law, who is allowed – as part of his defense against the lawsuit – to counter sue,” a panel of three judges wrote.

The man took to slamming Regev on Facebook after she posted parts of an interview on Channel 1 in which she criticized former president Shimon Peres for his comments on Israel’s operation against Hamas in Gaza, Protective Edge.

“Miri Regev! Let me tell you something! Who the hell do you think you are to talk shit against Shimon Peres? You’re just a whore with a filthy mouth!!! You took way beyond you’re supposed to, you illiterate miserable person!!!”

Regev’s lawyers were swift to act and sent the man a letter demanding an apology. When he refused, they filed the lawsuit.

In his defense, the man said that by making public the letter demanding an apology, Regev exposed his home address. Following the publication of his address on Facebook, the man says his “life became a nightmare, and had to escape the apartment and hire a security guard.” The man sued for the same sum – NIS 330,000.

Regev demanded that the counter lawsuit be removed on account of her immunity. The court, as mentioned above, rejected her claim.

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