Police quell clashes between pro-Palestinian, pro-Israeli protesters at UCLA

LOS ANGELES — After a couple of hours of scuffles between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli demonstrators at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), police wearing helmets and face shields form lines and slowly separate the groups.

That appears to quell the violence.

The clashes at UCLA took place around the anti-Israel tent encampment built by pro-Palestinian protesters, who erected barricades and plywood for protection — while counter-protesters tried to pull them down. People threw chairs and at one point a group piled on a person who lay on the ground, kicking and beating them with sticks until others pulled them out of the scrum.

It is not clear how many people might have been injured.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass calls the violence “absolutely abhorrent and inexcusable” in a post on social media platform X and says officers from the Los Angeles Police Department are on the scene. Officers from the California Highway Patrol also appear to be there. The university says it had requested help.

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