Woman arrested for impersonating doctor during sting Botox operation

Renee Ghert-Zand is the health reporter and a feature writer for The Times of Israel.

Illustration of syringe, 2009. (Chen Leopold / Flash 90.)
Illustration of syringe, 2009. (Chen Leopold / Flash 90.)

A woman from Bat Yam was arrested today for impersonating a doctor and providing medical treatment using materials that are suspected to have been smuggled from abroad, the Health Ministry says.

The arrest comes following cooperation among the Israel Police, the Tax Authority and the Health Ministry. The suspect was arrested as she was about to inject Botox into undercover police officers and Health Ministry employees posing as patients.

During the arrest, a large supply of substances suspected of being fraudulent and forbidden for import to Israel was found. In addition, NIS 36,000 ($9,500) in cash allegedly used by the suspect in her activities was uncovered, the Health Ministry says.

The Health Ministry says that medical treatments carried out by individuals without credentials from the Israeli government are dangerous, especially if they involve injections of questionable materials into the body. The injection of drugs and cosmetic fillers is permitted only by those with Israeli medical licenses.

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