A Palestinian parliamentarian was booted from the Fatah party after he physically attacked a senior member of the party Wednesday night.

Jamal Abu al-Rub, a Fatah official and member of the Palestinian Authority parliament, assaulted Jibril Rajoub, a Fatah central committee member who is considered to be one of Fatah’s main leaders in the West Bank, Palestinian sources told The Times of Israel.

Relations between Abu al-Rub (nicknamed “Hitler” for his similar looks to the Nazi leader) and Rajoub deteriorated after Rajoub’s security contingent attacked Abu al-Rub during an earlier meeting, six weeks ago.

The latest incident occurred during a meeting in Ramallah Wednesday night. After Rajoub was attacked, his security men chased Abu al-Rub, who escaped into the PA parliament building, where he telephoned for help. PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s guards then came to the scene in order to rescue Abu al-Rub from Rajoub’s men, who were threatening to enter the building and attack Abu al-Rub.

On Thursday morning, Abbas decided to expel Abu al-Rub from the ruling Fatah party, which prompted Fatah members in Kabatia, Abu al-Rub’s home village, to organize a protest against the decision.