Hezbollah leader’s brother killed in Syria clashes

Khader Nasrallah given military funeral in southern Lebanese town of Qana

Khader Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader’s brother, was buried earlier this month in southern Lebanon after reportedly dying in battle in the Syrian town of Qusair in late May.

A video uploaded to YouTube showed crowds of Hezbollah supporters, holding yellow flags bearing the Shiite militia’s emblem, pictures of Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and garlands, accompanying Khader’s coffin in a funeral parade in the southern village of Qana. Hezbollah fighters bore the coffin.

The Hezbollah chieftain was spotted by an Al Monitor reporter in the Syrian town of Qusair, weeks after the fight between Syrian rebels, Hezbollah, and Assad forces ended in a opposition defeat.

Nasrallah’s son Hadi was killed in a firefight with the IDF in southern Lebanon in 1997, and his remains were exchanged in a swap with Hezbollah for the body of an elite IDF solider a year later.

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