Colleague stuck up 'vile cartoons depicting Jews as Hitler'

Jewish reporter faced ‘anti-Semitic harassment’ at Australian TV station

Caroline Marcus says colleague Ben McCormack kept up a barrage of comments on Israel and her Jewish heritage

Jewish television reporter Caroline Marcus. (Instagram)
Jewish television reporter Caroline Marcus. (Instagram)

A Jewish television reporter for British news station Sky News said that harassment by a former colleague escalated into “brazen anti-Semitism.”

Caroline Marcus wrote in a column published Tuesday by the Australian edition of Daily Telegraph that the colleague plastered his work station, situated next to hers, with “vile cartoons depicting Jews as Hitler,” and reportedly wrote on Facebook his opinion that Israel was a “f***ing international disgrace.”

Marcus worked with Ben McCormack on Nine Network’s “A Current Affair” in Sydney, Australia. The targeted anti-Semitism took place in 2014. Marcus penned the article after a television presenter in Adelaide, Australia, was fired on trumped up charges days after filing a harassment complaint against a senior newsroom official.

Among the other anti-Semitic harassment that Marcus endured was McCormack saying, referring to the Holocaust, “Your 70 years of special treatment are over.”

Marcus wrote in the Daily Mail that McCormack knew she was Jewish and that her family had survived the Nazis in Eastern Europe. She also wrote that she had confided in him during a mediation session that her grandmother, who had sought refuge with Marcus’s father in Israel after World War II, was dying.

“I can tell you it was easily one of the most difficult and lonely periods of my life,” she also wrote.

Last week, McCormack pleaded guilty to child pornography charges and faces a maximum jail sentence of 15 years.

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