30,000 people pack Rabin Square for rally against domestic violence

Some 30,000 people, according to organizers, gather in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square for a major rally as the culmination of a day of protests against the government’s perceived inaction on the issue of violence against women.

“Today we made history,” organizers tell the crowd. “Today the silence on violence against women has turned to screams.”

Dressed in black with red hats and carrying red balloons, torches and placards, the protesters shout slogans demanding change against a backdrop of the municipal building lit up with the Hebrew word for “Enough!”

Ayala Itamar, whose sister was killed by her husband, issues a call for the authorities to take action against the violence.

“The State of Israel must invest in budgets, resources and professionals who will deal with violent men,” she tells the crowd. “And develop safeguards for women to ensure their safety in times of distress and invest in shelters that can accommodate whole families.”

— Naomi Lanzkron