Bennett declares now ‘is the time for a unity government’

Yamina leader Naftali Bennett laments Israel’s years-long political deadlock and the lack of permanent government to address numerous issues, saying the continued elections cause “direct harm to human lives.”

After Netanyahu’s failure to form a government, Bennett reiterates that he preferred a right-wing coalition, but the premier was unable to muster a majority. According to the Yamina chief, during the past day he tried to keep open the options for a right-wing coalition, apparently referring to his reported efforts to get Netanyahu’s right wing-religious bloc to recommend that Bennett form the next government.

“But Netanyahu slammed the door on us,” he says.

Bennett says there are two options: further elections, “which will simply destroy the country,” or the formation of a “broad emergency government… that will get the wheel out of the mud.”

“This is the time to stop and reconsider a new path,” he says, in an appeal to right-wing and religious parties aligned with Netanyahu. “Whoever cynically takes the State of Israel to fifth elections based on personal interests, in complete opposition to the needs of the nation and state, the people won’t forgive him. This is the time for a unity government.”

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