Islamic Jihad names Jenin terror leaders killed in clash with IDF

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group says two senior leaders of its Jenin branch were killed in an Israeli raid Thursday.

The Jenin Battalion, an offshoot of the group’s al-Quds Brigade armed wing, says Mohammed Jaber Shalabi and Mohammed Asri Fayyad were killed in a clash with Israeli troops in Qabatiya, just south of Jenin.

Both were members of the Jenin Brigade’s military council, it says, naming Shalabi as a close companion of Jenin Brigade’s founder Jamil al-Amouri, who was killed in a 2021 clash.

The IDF said earlier that special forces commandos had killed two “senior” Palestinian gunmen in Qabatiya during a 13-hour raid in the city. One soldier was lightly hurt in the clashes.

Several suspects were arrested in the Jenin area during the operation, and combat engineers uncovered explosive devices planted under roads, the army said.

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