Israel to extend ‘Green Pass’ for the vaccinated through end of 2021

The Health Ministry announces it is extending the “Green Pass” for those vaccinated against COVID-19 or who have recovered from coronavirus through 2021. The pass grants holders access to certain events and venues.

A ministry statement chalks up Health Minister Yuli Edelstein’s decision to order the extension to the continued decline in morbidity “and the fact it appears the vaccine will protect us until at least the end of the year.”

Chezy Levy, the director-general of the ministry, says he is “happy that the vaccines protects us and allows to get back to routine,” but urges Israelis to continue to take measures such as masking indoors and social distancing.

He also says there is still not enough information on how much protection vaccines offer against coronavirus variants.

Regarding its assessment that the vaccine will work to the end of the year, the ministry cites figures on how much protection the vaccine provides and “deliberations on the timing of giving a third booster dose.”

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