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Israel’s most exciting outdoor-adventure destinations

Safari Boat Ride at the Indigo Sea Dive Center
Safari Boat Ride at the Indigo Sea Dive Center

As the weather heats up and vacation season arrives, families and adventure seekers alike are placing Israel at the top of their list of dream destinations. Whether your idea of outdoor fun includes climbing ancient mountains or snorkeling with exotic fish, Israel has it all, and more!

There’s never been a better time to plan your next trip to Israel, and thanks to Jewish National Fund-USA Travel & Tours, your dream vacation can become a reality through a blend of Israel’s most famous sites and hidden treasures throughout the country.

Below are some of the best ways to spend your outdoor vacation in the Negev and Galilee, from heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled cliff climbing to relaxing hikes along some of Israel’s most scenic routes.

Hiking Masada

Masada snake path

Imagine being able to combine an invigorating hike with over 2,000 years of Israeli history. That’s what you get with Masada. An ancient fortress in the Judean Desert, Masada is one of Israel’s most treasured heritage sites. Hike up the famous snake path, with its gorgeous desert views. And once you reach the top, take a tour of the entire fortress where the Jews made their final stand against the Romans during the Jewish revolt. For a deeper connection to this historic site, you can also take part in JNF-USA’s Be Inscribed campaign, where you can participate in the sacred act of writing a Torah on top of Masada and be a part of ancient history brought back to life.

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Timna Park Cycling Trail

Timna Park is a hidden paradise for cycling addicts. Eilot Economic Company, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and JNF-USA, has constructed approximately 70 km of spectacular cycling trails throughout Timna Park.

Timna Bike Park

The highlight of these trails is the “Mine Single,” built by cyclists for cyclists, implementing unique construction techniques through a scenic route that offers spectacular views. The trail is suited for cyclists riding behind each other, hence its name – Single. The trail winds along varied terrain and offers cyclists technical challenges that are sure to engage. And of course, no visit to Timna is complete without experiencing the fascinating and informative Chudnow Visitor Center.

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Emek Hashalom

Looking for something fun that people of all abilities can do? Look no further. LOTEM’s Emek Hashalom (“Valley of Peace”) Park specializes in creating enjoyable experiences for everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Featuring sensory workshops where children of all abilities can participate in hands-on nature education. LOTEM specializes in accessibility.

Lotem trails

Take a stroll down its picturesque “Path of Creation,” one of the only wheelchair-accessible hiking trails in Israel. Or come down to its incredibly immersive Sensory Path, which enables everybody, including those with vision and hearing impairments, to experience nature according to their own capabilities. Sure to bring the whole family together, Emek Hashalom is an experience that can’t be missed.

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Cliff Climbing

For true adrenaline junkies, there’s no thrill quite like scaling a cliff, and Timna Park attracts rock climbers and bouldering addicts from all over the world.

Timna Park cliff climbing

The park boasts approximately 85 spectacular and exclusive climbing routes, scattered among the sandstone cliffs. These rocks create high friction, which makes climbing a convenient and fun experience. The many different routes mean that climbers of all abilities can find something at their level, from the novice to the advanced. In addition to rock climbing, Timna Park offers bouldering activities for those who prefer to climb more freely, and without the use of ropes.

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Foraging & Cooking Trip


Need something relaxing yet educational for the whole family? Ofek Ron Carmel, a member of Jewish National Fund-USA’s Western Galilee Now Association, has got you covered! Recapture the spirit of our pioneering ancestors by navigating the fields for fresh, tasty, and nutritious plants in a fun-filled experience that will teach the entire family about the majesty of nature. Ofek will help you identify edible plants and go out to forage them in some of Israel’s most gorgeous forests. Upon returning to the camp, foragers can create a campfire and cook mouthwatering stew, fried leaf patties, and other delicacies that include the fresh vegetables you recently scavenged for.

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Safari Boat Ride at the Indigo Sea Dive Center

Do you feel the call of the deep blue sea? The Indigo Sea Dive Center, also a member of Jewish National Fund-USA’s Western Galilee Now Association, has the perfect adventure for you. Start with a magical cruise in a tornado boat along the coastline of the Achziv Reserve, a gorgeous view of the Western Galilee that shows off the incredible beauty of Israel. Once anchored on Love Island, you can go snorkeling in the blue lagoon with the oceanic wildlife, enjoying the (literally) breathtaking beauty of the underwater environment, the tranquility, and the birdsong.

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Is Israel on your mind but you’re still looking to find the best way to experience the country’s unique sites?

Jewish National Fund-USA Travel & Tours offers something for everyone, including singles’, young professionals’, families’, congregational, 55+ active adults’ missions to Israel. If you’re looking to experience Israel like never before, Jewish National Fund-USA can make it happen. Visit, email or call 877.563.8687 today!

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