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Tel Aviv human rights film festival shifts online

Annual event, to take place December 3-10, features 50 films from Israel and beyond that promote human rights and social justice

Jessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.

From 'Objector,' a 2019 film being screened at the 2020 International Solidarity Film Festival that will be screened online (Courtesy festival)
From 'Objector,' a 2019 film being screened at the 2020 International Solidarity Film Festival that will be screened online (Courtesy festival)

The Solidarity Tel Aviv Human Rights Film Festival will take place online, December 3-10, featuring films from Israel and abroad dealing with the ongoing struggle for human rights of all kinds.

More than 50 films will be screened, followed by meetings, lectures and conversations about the films and the issues raised. Some of the international films have English subtitles, but the film festival is only available in Israel.

The films cover a wide range of issues, including women’s rights, children and teens at risk, online pornography, labor issues, abortion rights, refugees, globalization, starvation, poverty, activism and other related topics.

The Israeli films being screened include:

“Scattergories,” a 55-minute documentary about a Nigerian family of refugees ripped from their life in Israel and sent back to Nigeria. The eldest daughter receives a permit to return and tries to find a way to save her family. A live discussion will follow the screening.

“And I was there,” a 65-minute film made by Eran Paz about his army service, and a box of videotapes he finds 18 years later, detailing an event that took place during his service in a Palestinian home. He goes on a journey to find the people, places and memories, and to make sense of the event. A live online discussion with the filmmaker will follow the screening.

“Objector” is the 75-minute film about Atalya, who dreams of being a combat soldier but decides to refuse to be drafted when she learns about the role of the IDF in the Palestinian territories.

The film follows her throughout her decision and imprisonment. It will include a live online discussion with the filmmakers following the screening.

“Life On Wheels” is a 30-minute documentary by Haitham Al Khatib, focuses on Jody McIntyre, a British young man who is disabled and joins the residents of Bil’in in their struggle against the separation wall. A recorded discussion with the filmmakers will follow the screening.

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