It appears Iran has decided to play catch-up with the US and the USSR Russia in the space race.

Reportedly, the Islamic Republic is looking to send a monkey into space — and return it alive. Iran tried unsuccessfully to launch a monkey into the heavens and bring it back to earth in 2011.

This latest attempt allegedly has a 10-day window for launch, beginning January 31.

An ambitious project (illustration: Arie Katz/The Times of Israel)

An ambitious project (illustration: Arie Katz/The Times of Israel)

Iran Space Agency head Hamid Fazeli told the semi-official Iranian news agency Mehr that monkeys set for the trial are currently in quarantine.

They will apparently be used to test the Pishgam capsule — ultimately meant to carry a human being — which has completed testing phases.

The US first launched a monkey into space in 1948 and last did so in 1985.

France, the Soviet Union and Argentina have also all flown primates into space.

Fazeli also said the agency plans on testing “space radiation protection facilities.”

There are no indications that the Iranian plan has anything to do with the US decision to hold off on that “death star.”