The FBI, it turns out, didn’t take Marilyn Monroe’s Jewish wedding too seriously.

In old files made public this week by the Associated Press, the agency calls the actress’ relationship with playwright Arthur Miller a hoax, describing their “religious wedding ceremony” as “so much cover up” [sic].

Monroe had married the Jewish “Death of a Salesman” writer under a huppah, hours after signing a conversion certificate adorned with “menorahs and the Ten Commandments.”

The couple had started dating the previous year, and would finalize their divorce in 1961, after five years of marriage.

Nevertheless, the FBI wasn’t buying it, calling Miller a “cultural front man” for the American Communist Party, and claiming Monroe’s production company was “full of Communists.”

The agency, headed at the time by the ruthless J. Edgar Hoover, cited an anonymous call to the New York Daily News, which makes you wonder about how it gathered information.

While the world will never know the true nature of Monroe’s relationship with Miller, the pair shared a “deep love,” according to the New York Times obituary for Miller. They evidently also had great chemistry on the dance floor.