There’s a new TV alternative in town, after mobile and Internet provider Partner Communications Company Ltd. on Tuesday launched its television initiative, Partner TV, to compete against heavyweights Yes and HOT and the previous newcomer, Cellcom TV.

The company’s television service will provide 40 channels, including sports, kids’ shows, nature, news and all of the Israeli channels.

Partner is also offering a package that includes Netflix content directly through Partner’s box. That collaboration — a first for Netflix in Israel — was announced in May.

Subscribers will be able to purchase Partner’s television service alone or together with internet and landline telephony services.

Partner’s service will operate on an open Android TV box. As part of the Android TV’s operating system, subscribers will be able to add content, games and music applications directly from Google Play.

Partner TV programs will also be available on any smart TV, tablet or smartphone, including on demand.

“It’s really a television solution that is available all the time, in any place and for any kind of watching,” said Partner CEO Itzik Benvenisti.

At NIS 89 ($25) a month with Netflix and NIS 69 ($20) without, it could be seen as a bargain.

The company is entering the television market very intensively, said Benvenisti, who added that the new product will offer a user experience that hasn’t previously been seen in Israel and at a very attractive price.

Partner Chairman Adam Chesnoff said that the launch of Partner TV will help turn the company into a media group.

Partner TV is also partnering with Kartina TV for Russian-language speakers.