Envoys from countries recognizing Palestinian state shown Nahal Oz footage before tongue-lashing

The ambassadors of Spain, Norway and Ireland have been given a talking to by the Foreign Ministry, as part of Israel’s response protesting their countries’ decisions to recognize a Palestinian state, an Israeli diplomatic official says.

Ana Sálomon Pérez of Spain, Per Egil Selvaag of Norway and Ireland’s Sonya McGuinness were made to watch a video showing five female soldiers from a base on Nahal Oz being taken captive on October 7, which was broadcast to the public for the first time last night.

After the screening, they were dressed down by senior diplomats.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz, who ordered the three be hauled in for the chewing out and screening, is on a diplomatic trip to France and so was not present.

Journalists were invited to watch the three being shown the video. In footage aired by Channel 12 news, the three are seen silently entering a boardroom together for the viewing, and then watching the video.

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