Oct. 7 survivor at Tel Aviv protest blames Netanyahu for propping up Hamas, demands elections

Dr. Elai Hogeg Golan from Kibbutz Kfar Aza speaks on the main podium at the Tel Aviv demonstration about her experience of hiding with her family inside their home as Hamas terrorists lit it on fire from the outside on October 7.

The family escaped from the window, Golan says, and were eventually rescued by soldiers. Golan says she was hospitalized for two months following the attack because of smoke she inhaled while in the house.

Golan blames Netanyahu for the massacre, saying his funding of Hamas for years allowed the massacre to occur. Demonstrators are calling out “guilty” and “shame” in response to Golan’s speech.

Golan finishes her speech calling for elections to be held immediately. “We deserve a leader who will be worthy of these wonderful people,” she summarizes.

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