‘We are going to exterminate you’: US man charged with threatening Jewish senator

Federal officials say Las Vegas resident lashed Jacky Rosen’s Jewish heritage and Israel support, threatened to kidnap and kill her, vowed ‘to kill every Israeli terror-f—ing-rist’

File: US Senator Jacky Rosen, a Nevada Democrat, addresses the Jewish Federations of North America in Washington, DC, July 20, 2021. (Office of Jacky Rosen)
File: US Senator Jacky Rosen, a Nevada Democrat, addresses the Jewish Federations of North America in Washington, DC, July 20, 2021. (Office of Jacky Rosen)

JTA — A Las Vegas man threatened to kill US Senator Jacky Rosen, a Jewish Nevada Democrat, federal officials have said, lacing his threats with antisemitic invective and anger at her advocacy for Israel while it is at war with the Hamas terror group.

Between October 11 and October 19, John Anthony Miller, 44, left numerous threatening messages on the senator’s office phone, the Nevada US attorney said in a statement Monday announcing Miller’s arrest. On October 17,  “he threatened to assault, kidnap, or murder” her “with intent to impede, intimidate, or interfere” with her official duties, the statement said. The following day, he tried to enter a federal building where she keeps an office.

The statement and court papers filed Friday, when Miller appeared in court, do not name the senator, but Rosen’s office confirmed to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that she was the target.

In one of the October 17 voicemails, Miller allegedly said: “You done picked your side, bitch, and you done chose evil. I don’t give a f— if you were born into it or not, bitch, you are f—ing evil, bitch, and we are going to exterminate you.”

In an October 19 call, the caller lashed out at Rosen’s Jewish heritage and her Israel advocacy, according to the charges. He believed Rosen was going to advocate for American Israelis, whom he believes number 450,000, to return to the United States to commit war crimes.

“I’m pretty sure she would not make it illegal for these savage Israeli settlers to come back, and 450,000 of them are American and are able to commit war crimes and come back and forth, back and forth,” the caller said. “She lets her own family members kill these Palestinians in the West Bank.”

On October 18, the charges allege, Miller attempted to enter Lloyd D. George Courthouse, where Rosen has an office. He was denied entry and allegedly walked down Las Vegas Boulevard shouting profanities, including “to kill every Israeli terror-f—ing-rist.”

Rosen, a former synagogue president, has been at the forefront of combating antisemitism and of Israel advocacy in the US Senate, chairing the Bipartisan Task Forces for Combating Antisemitism alongside Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford. Just days after October 7, Rosen joined a bipartisan delegation to visit Israel and show support.

Her office issued a press release after that visit with the headline: “Senator Rosen Is The Only Jewish Woman And Former Synagogue President Serving In The United States Senate.”

The release quoted her saying, after meeting with families of Israelis taken hostage on October 7: “As the only Jewish mother serving in the Senate, hearing their stories and seeing their pain and heartbreak was gut-wrenching. ”

On October 7, thousands of Hamas terrorists broke through the Gaza border, rampaging through southern communities and a desert music festival, massacring at least 1,400 people, most of them civilians. At least 245 civilians and soldiers were kidnapped that day, of whom four have been released by Hamas and one has been rescued by security forces.

Israel has responded with intense strikes on Gaza and a gradually expanding ground operation, declaring its intention to eradicate the terror group that rules the Strip.

Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.

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