Body of missing soldier found near Haifa

Body of missing soldier found near Haifa

Tamer Abu Yaman, 19, hadn't been seen since last week; signs of violence found on his corpse

IDF soldiers (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)
IDF soldiers (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

The body of a missing IDF soldier was found near Haifa during a search in the woods by kin and police officers, who said it was evident from the corpse that he had died a violent death.

Tamer Abu Yaman, 19, disappeared last week from his home in Rameh, a town in the Galilee.

His mutilated body was found near the road leading up to Mount Carmel to the University of Haifa. He was not immediately identifiable due to the severity of the wounds upon his corpse.

Police launched an investigation into Abu Yaman’s death. They suspect criminal activity, rather than a political motive, in his death. There was no indication that Abu Yaman’s death was connection to his army service, The Times of Israel learned. 

Abu Yaman, a Druze, enlisted in the IDF around a year ago but was absent without leave from the army for seven months prior to his death to help support his family financially. His family, which rents in Rameh, is reported to be extremely impoverished and socially isolated.

As of the 2011 census, Rameh was just over 50 percent Christian, 30% Druze and roughly 20% Muslim.

Ali, the soldier’s father, said late last week that his son had tried to travel to Haifa last Wednesday and that several hours later he lost contact with him.

When he reported his son’s absence to the police, they reportedly told him that there was no threat to Tamer’s life.   

Ali Abu Yaman, a disabled veteran of the IDF and the Border Police, said on Saturday that he had not been contacted by anyone in the army throughout the search for his son.

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