Five arrested for family feud hit attempts

Five arrested for family feud hit attempts

Two families allegedly engaged in shootings, attempts to run over targets, in dispute that started with a murder

Three members of one family from the town of Jaljulia were arrested in north Tel Aviv Wednesday in connection with multiple hit attempts in the city. Two additional men were also arrested in the sting.

Police took the men into custody on suspicion of being involved in a dispute between rival Jaljulia families that resulted in multiple shooting attacks in north Tel Aviv over the last few months, Ynet news reported.

The family war is blamed for at least three shootings going back to August 2012.

The suspects were under police surveillance for five months, the report said. The investigation uncovered additional hit attempts in Rosh Ha’ayin and Kfar Saba, which are near Jaljulia, in which the suspects intended to run over a target with a car.

The origins of the family dispute could be the murder of a member of the family of those arrested, according to Ynet.

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