Racy Bar ad banned from daytime TV
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Racy Bar ad banned from daytime TV

Supervisory board clamps down on spot featuring a Muppet doing unspeakable things with three clones of the supermodel

A risqué ad featuring Bar Refaeli in bed with a purple, mustached Muppet has been banned from running before 10 p.m. in the Holy Land.

According to the governmental supervisory body, the Second Authority for Television and Radio, the ad for local fashion brand Hoodies has “too many sexual insinuations” to be aired during prime time.

The spot opens with a post-coital shot of the Israeli super model and her puppet friend, a guy named Red Orbach, an ageing American rocker character with whom many Israelis are already familiar.

The swarthy Muppet is a spin-off from an all-puppet rock group called Red Band that recently co-hosted a late-night television show.

The purple rocker/TV host/skilled lover goes on to imagine what it would be like to be dating not one, but three Refaelis.

This involves sexy scenes from a car-wash (referred to here as a “Bar-wash”), a photo booth and a game of strip poker.

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