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Daily Briefing Apr. 22 – In face-off with Netanyahu, Bennett takes center stage

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Today’s panel comprises senior analyst Haviv Rettig Gur and the editor-in-chief of ToI’s Hebrew-language sister site Zman Yisrael, Biranit Goren.

As the clock ticks down and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still hasn’t formed a coalition, Yamina head Naftali Bennett is again in the spotlight as a potential gamechanger. The panel proposes that this is a new Bennett, out of Netanyahu’s shadow and ready to stand on his own two feet and join other political wheelers and dealers, such as New Hope’s Gideon Sa’ar and Zeev Elkin, former Bibi supporters who learned from the master. And, warns the panel, there are still 12 days left and no one should count Netanyahu out.

US President Joe Biden is reportedly set to officially recognize the Armenian genocide, in which an estimated 1.5 million Armenian civilians were killed under the Ottoman Empire 106 years ago. Rettig Gur explains why Israel has not yet recognized this atrocity as genocide, which politicians are on board to take the recognition forward, and why now might be the opportune time.

Finally, today is Earth Day and Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations and United States Gilad Erdan penned an op-ed for ToI in support of the Abraham Accords as a step towards environmental cooperation in water technology. Goren breaks down the elephant in the room — how Gulf states have contributed to the climate crisis — and how in the spirit of “friendship” Israel should push for solutions to the crisis, in addition to new tech startups.

Discussed articles include:

As Netanyahu eyes a fifth election, is he driving Bennett into Lapid’s arms?

Bennett: If Netanyahu can’t build coalition, I’ll try to form a unity government

Biden readying to recognize Armenian genocide in move sure to test Turkish ties

Israeli politicians call for recognition of Armenian genocide after US vote

The climate threat can widen the circle of Mideast peace

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