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‘“EXHALE” is a captivating read’ — Daphne Merkin, author of ’22 Minutes of Unconditional Love’

You won’t look at your lungs in the same way again! — Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD, author of ‘When We Do Harm: A Doctor Confronts Medical Error’

We present an excerpt of the book “Exhale” by Dr. David Weill.

A young mother on the waiting list dying in front of her two small children. A father with a rare form of lung cancer who has been turned down for a transplant by several hospitals. A teenager who was considered not “smart enough” to be worthy of a transplant. A woman who dies because a surgeon provides the wrong donor lung. The days and nights waiting for donor organs to become available, aware of the painful reality that someone needs to die so that another patient could live.

These are some of the stories in “Exhale,” a riveting memoir about Dr. Weill’s ten years spent directing the lung transplant program at Stanford and the very human endeavor of transplantation performed by people with powerful attributes and profound flaws.

In 2016, while he was at the top of his field, Dr. Weill did the unthinkable: he quit. Weill was burnt out from the daily battles of being a doctor: the patients who couldn’t be treated because of finances, the operations that failed, and the countless hours spent trying to make the modern miracle of organ transplants a bit more miraculous. As this country’s front-line healthcare workers continue to endure the horrors of COVID-19, the lessons of Dr. Weill’s book about the immense psychological pressure the medical community handles could not be more timely.

“Exhale” is an inside look at the world of high-stakes medicine, the miracle of transplantation, the battle patients endure to survive, and the story of a doctor’s eventual recognition that he needed to step away from the front lines.

You can purchase the book on Amazon here.

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