Vandals paint swastikas on road to Western Wall

In southern Israel, additional swastikas with ‘Death to the Jews’ vandalism discovered

Illustrative photo of swastika graffiti (Flash90)
Illustrative photo of swastika graffiti (Flash90)

Dozens of swastikas were spray-painted alongside the road to the Western Wall in Jerusalem in the past few days.

On Friday, swastikas and hate graffiti calling for “Death to the Jews” were also found outside the southern town of Rahat, the Ynet news website reported.

Police are investigating the incident.

Right-wing Jewish Home MK Ayelet Shaked posted images of the Jerusalem graffiti.

She added a sarcastic refrain, on the lack of widespread condemnation, on her Facebook page.

“Surely you’ve seen these pictures all over the media,” she wrote. “Tzipi Livni has surely denounced it. Surely President Peres already went on a visit there. Surely the internal security minister called it terror. Oh, sorry, it’s only a swastika. No biggie.”

The swastikas in Jerusalem come amid an increase in tensions between the city’s Jewish and Arab residents in the wake of the killing of 16-year-old Muhammed Abu Khdeir, which sparked three days of riots in East Jerusalem neighborhoods.

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